The Furniture Removal Alliance of Australia

The Furniture Removals Alliance of Australia

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The Furniture Removals Alliance comprises of an exceptional and all-inclusive moving network operating throughout Australia. It is the leading alliance for the top Furniture Removals and Moving Companies in Australia.

  • The Furniture Removals Alliance specializes in recommending reputable moving companies across New Zealand.
  • We set professional standards for the moving industry and offer moving companies and clients the assurance of great service, superiority and peace of mind.
  • We generate excellent business leads that benefit all moving companies in our network.
  • We also provide you with state-of-the-art tools to increase your company’s visibility and productivity that will ultimately lead to higher profits.

We are honest and efficient in the way we do business.   That is why it is important for us, that the members of The Furniture Removals Alliance adhere to the same set of values and way of doing business.

  • To use our services are safe and low risk
  • We are a reputable company that maintains the highest levels of service quality, and promote the best interest of our clients and the larger furniture removals industry in New Zealand
  • We adhere to all the rules and regulations of the moving industry
  • We adhere to the laws relating to Health and Safety
  • We treat our clients with respect
  • We are efficient and prompt in service delivery and feedback to clients
  • We ensure that our advertising portrays services in an honest and fair way

Our competitive edge

  • We process hundreds of leads per month, making us the leading Furniture Removals Leads Provider in New Zealand.
  • We offer our service providers a dynamic set of tools to manage their accounts and lead profiles in real time. You will only be notified about relevant leads in your area.
  • Our Lead pool serves quote requests in real time, and allows you to choose which leads you want to buy.
  • We have a very dynamic team of programmers, allowing us to deliver functionality and features as and when required by our clients and / or suppliers.
  • You have full control over your leads budget.   You can put leads on hold at any time and top-up your account in real time.

Leads offer better Return on Investment than most of the other advertising methods on the internet.  Furniture Removal Companies have started to realize that the Return on Investment (ROI) on Google Ad-words and many other platforms are no longer viable. Cost per click is skyrocketing and according to statistics, less than 30% of all clicks result into real business.

Be sure of real business and Join The Furniture Removals Alliance today for better leads, better business and better profits or contact us for more information.








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